Herbal blends for vapingHerbal blends have been smoked for centuries to relieve common ailments, as well as reduce stress. Today, the act of smoking has been rendered all but obsolete with the introduction of desktop and portable vaporizers. Now users have a healthier way to inhale their favorite aromatherapy blends with a reduced negative impact on their health. Smoking an herb produces smoke which is the result of combustion of the material. The smoke produced contains numerous compounds that are by-products of the combustion process and results in the inhalation of compounds that are detrimental to human health. Over the last decade, advances in technology have created small devices which control the combustion process and utilize a temperature controlled air flow to volatilize the active ingredients of the herb. This process results in a significant decrease in the combustion of the herb and thus the toxic by-products. With vaporizer devices being small enough to fit in your pocket, smokers now have an alternative to traditional smoking.

Vaporizing herbs can bring many health benefits. Vapor created in the vaporizer can help to treat many ailments and is often used in aromatherapy. Vaporizing herbs in the vaporizers eliminate toxins and releases only active ingredients of herbs. Vapor directly enters our bloodstream so herbs are quickly and efficiently absorbed into the organism. There’s a wide range of herbs to vaporize individually but it’s worth trying out to mix them as combined herbs create better effects.

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